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A literary and academic legend whose work helped influence an entire generation of feminists, bell hooks died on December 15, 2021, at age 69. Think you know what made bell so swell? Then take the quiz!

1. When bell was born on September 25th, 1952, her given name was:


a.) Chloe Anthony Wofford

b.) Marguerite Annie Johnson

c.) Gloria Jean Watkins

d.) Ramona Lofton

2. Which of the following titles is the first book bell ever published, launching her multifaceted literary career in 1978?

a.) and there we wept: poems

b.) Yearning: race, gender, and cultural politics

c.) ain’t i a woman: black women and feminism

d.) Happy to Be Nappy

3. What author was the subject of bell’s English doctoral dissertation at the University of California, Santa Cruz?

a.) Zora Neale Hurston


b.) Toni Morrison

c.) Langston Hughes

d.) Maya Angelou

4. At what educational institution did bell establish the bell hooks Institute in 2004?

a.) Stanford University

b.) Yale University

c.) The City College of New York

d.) Berea College

5. Complete the following bell quote: “When we can be _____, we can be with others without using them as a means of escape.”

a.) alone

b.) feminists

c.) financially independent

d.) free



Answer Key:

1. c
2. a
3. b
4. d
5. a

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Emily Rems is a feminist writer, editor, rock star, playwright, and occasional plus-size model living in New York’s East Village. Best known as managing editor of BUST magazine, Emily is also a music and film commentator for New York’s NPR affiliate WNYC, and is the drummer for the horror-punk band the Grasshoppers. Her nonfiction writing has appeared in the anthologies Cassette from my Ex and Zinester’s Guide to NYC, and her short stories have been published in Rum Punch Press, Lumen, Prose ‘N Cons Mystery Magazine, Writing Raw, and PoemMemoirStory. She was nominated for a Pushcart Prize for fiction in 2015 and is working on a novel. Follow her on Twitter @emilyrems.