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It’s been 257 days since Americans received their $1,200 COVID relief checks, which breaks down to about an additional $4.67 a day. For most of us, that isn’t’ enough to get a decent cup of coffee, much less survive this economic downturn. Though talks of a second relief measurement have been happening on and off since the summer, none have been successful.

And U.S. Representative Katie Porter wants the American people to know who to blame. In a tweet, she thoroughly scorched Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: “Everyone at the negotiating table—including Senate Rs—has agreed to a compromise. Except one.”


Shocking to no one, Mitch McConnell is putting his reptilian foot (claw?) down and is “refusing to bring it to the floor unless it wipes away all COVID-related lawsuits filed that “allege injury or death” due to corporate negligence.”

With over 60,000 re-tweets and 200,000 likes, it's clear Porter's not the only one fed up with McConnell. Here's a smattering to remind you to keep fighting the good fight.

Top Image: Representative Katie Porter's Offical Site

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