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This doctor mom is making it her mission to educate children on anatomy in a hands-on and fun way. Known as The Breakfasteur, she has over 37 thousand followers on Instagram and almost 5 thousand subscribers on YouTube. In a collection of playdough molds, The Breakfasteur has constructed a series of child-friendly operations, ranging from an ovarian cystectomy, a nail matrix biopsy, a hernia repair, and more. Her most recent mold video, operating a cesarean delivery of a toy spiderman, has sparked controversy, some calling it disturbing, unnecessary, and traumatizing for young children.  

The Breakfasteur, whose son was born via cesarean, hopes the video will normalize the operation that many women undergo. While some on the internet are appalled by her videos, saying that children shouldn't know about such things, many mothers have expressed gratitude for the video, saying it breaks the secrecy that often shrouds caesarian births while making it an approachable subject for children. The Breakfasteur's colorful and inventive displays of real-life operations shed light on the processes that our bodies live-through and heal from, a beautiful testament to our strength.

Top photo: The Breakfasteur / Youtube

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