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Three weeks ago, New York-based rapper Princess Nokia launched an initiative called Hood 2 La Gente—a campaign that is intended to provide direct support to people on the ground in Puerto Rico, reports Remezcla. She is working with activists in New York City to provide funds for grassroots organizations working in Puerto Rico.

Princess Nokia wrote on Instagram, “When the government intentionally neglects and actively works to hurt our people for profit, it’s on us to organize and fight for our communities. We understand as working class and oppressed peoples living in America, we are struggling in so many ways under the same system that is hurting the people of Puerto Rico. But when we combine the little bit we’ve got as individuals, we can make a huge impact.”


Although it has been almost a year since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, there is still a major crisis occurring. With people who live in poverty increasing to 52 percent of the population from 44 percent, Puerta Rico remains more impoverished than any state in the U.S. Most of the island still remains without electricity. The overall conditions have lead to a devestating rise in suicide rates.

Hood 2 La Gente's GoFundMe page reads, “We are launching this campaign to not only bring awareness to the political crisis in Puerto Rico but to support grassroots organizations working to actually serve, not exploit, the people. We know we cannot trust the government or the millionaire non-profits aligned with it to fight for our people. We are excited and honored to be partnering with community-centered organizations including Sol es Vida, el Hormiguero, Luis Llorens Torres projects, Urbe Apie, the Puerto Rico Trans Youth Coalition and el Centro de Apoyo Mutuo de Utuado.”


Despite the attention Hurricane Maria has brought to the current struggle of my people in Puerto Rico, many are unaware of the centuries-long suffering Boricuas have endured in the form of colonialism. We created this campaign to spread knowledge on the poverty and exploitation Boricuas have survived under the boot of the US government. To explain this crisis in a simple and shareable way, we created this PSA to briefly explain the political situation in Puerto Rico. This video is a call to act in speaking out for the independence of the Puerto Rican people and to support organizations working to actually help the people. We can not stay silent while Puerto Ricans continue to suffer under the colonizer American government, which consistently places profit over the lives of the people and silences those who rise up to defend the people. Hood 2 La Gente is raising donations for six incredible organizations doing real work to provide for their communities in sustainable and collective ways. These organizations are Sol es Vida, El Hormiguero, Luis Llorens Torres Projects, Urbe Apie Caguas, Trans Youth Coalition, Centro de Apoyo Mutuo de Utuado. We are beyond excited and proud to stand in solidarity with organizations who will not sell out to the demands of Wall Street profiteers and corrupt politicians. We hope you can join us in spreading the message of independence for Puerto Rico and supporting the people in ways that will truly have an impact. Our Gofund donation link can be found by clicking on the link in my bio. More information on these wonderful organizations will be posted soon. As well, details on upcoming fundraiser and donation collection events will be available shortly This campaign was brought to you by HOOD 2 LA GENTE @osa_la_diosa @palantemami @gammykillz @euphoriataylor @comiteboricua

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