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The Revolution is Female, a photography book celebrating Hillary Clinton, her supporters, and the current women’s movement, is coming out on Wednesday, August 15th. The project grew out of photographer Kristen Blush’s desire to showcase “revolutionary feminists” and “empower and uplift” today’s changemakers. 


The Revolution is Female is a large-format, hardcover photography book that features beautiful photos, quotes, and essays about our current feminist movement, including commentary on the election, #MeToo, the Women’s March, March for Our Lives, and more. Blush also includes the work and words of other artists who have used their talents to support Clinton and the feminist movement. 

And y’all… Hillary loves it.

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Kristen Blush is a New York City freelance photographer with "a vision for an inclusive, feminist America" and 20 years of experience in photojournalism, commercial photography, and political photography. She also takes photos for BUST!

If you want to meet this incredible artist, you're in luck: there will be a release party, hosted by jewelry sculputure artist Jill Platner in her Soho showroom on August 15th, where Kristen Blush will sign your copy of The Revolution is Female and answer your questions. Check out our calendar for more details. You can also pre-order the book here, and RSVP for the release party here.

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Blush's book is full of inspirational activists, artists, and changemakers. If you're feeling as exhausted as we are, it might be just what you need to remember how powerful the feminist movement is today. Let's celebrate the people—from the famous to the everyday folks—who make us strong. 

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