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Ava DuVernay Assembles A Third Season of Women Directors for Queen Sugar

The upcoming season of DuVernay’s show is directed entirely by women, just as seasons 1 and 2 were. The Root writes that the Golden Globe-nominated director has always prioritized women’s voices. “If Game of Thrones can have three seasons of all-male directors, why can’t we have three seasons of all-women directors?” asked DuVernay before season 2 of Queen Sugar.


Was The Austin Bomber A “Challenged Young Man” Or A “Terrorist?” No One Would Be Asking This If He Wasn't White

Because this is America, authorities are hesitant to call a white man a terrorist.The Washington Post writes that many are calling out media coverage of the Austin bomber — a Muslim or black suspect would be immediately labeled a terrorist.

Maryland School Shooter Targeted Ex-Girlfriend

The school shooting in Maryland earlier this week was another instance of relationship violence. NBC reports that the shooter took his father’s gun in order to shoot his ex-girlfriend, Jaelynn Willey, who remains in critical condition after the attack. Many mass shooters have also committed domestic abuse, and targeted intimate partners, according to Everytown For Gun Safety.

Pennsylvania Senate Toughens Gun Restrictions for Domestic Abusers; Bill Still Has to Pass House

Pennsylvania's state senate has passed a measure that would make those convicted of domestic violence surrender their firearms to the proper authorities within 48 hours of the ruling. Current law gives perpetrators 60 days, and they can give their guns to a friend or relative instead of a law enforcement official. Guns dramatically exacerbate the risks for intimate partner violence to turn deadly. Women are five times more likely to be killed by an intimate partner if that partner has a gun. Over 1 million women alive have been shot or shot at by an intimate partner. The Morning Call says that the Republican-controlled PA House still has to pass it, and the governor has said voiced support.

Former Policy Director For Michelle Obama, Krish Vignarajah, Leads An All-Women-Of-Color Democratic Ticket In Race For Maryland Governor

In a first for the state, Krish Vignarajah and running mate Sharon Blake have formed a ticket comprised entirely by women of color. Salon writes that Vignrajah is a former policy director for Michelle Obama and Blake is the former president of the Baltimore Teachers Union. Vingrajah's ad features footage of her graduating from Yale, speaking at the United Nations, and breastfeeding her baby.

Chrissy Metz Comes Forward About Surviving Abuse 

The This Is Us actress reveals that she was physically and emotionally abused by her stepfather in an interview with People. She also discusses the abuse in her memoir This Is Me, which will be in stores March 27.

Lena Waithe Is On The Cover Of Vanity Fair

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The award-winning, creative genius talks about her influences, what it’s like to be a black, queer woman in entertainment, and how winning an Emmy has affected her life. She tells Vanity Fair that she still has a lot of work left to do, and she’s not going to stop being unapologetically herself.

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Kids Are More Likely To Draw Scientists As Women Now Than In the Past

Researchers asked children to draw a scientist. They’ve been asking this since 1966. In the original study, only 0.6% of the resulting art depicted the scientist as a woman. Today, it’s 28%, which is still terrible — but better. The Atlantic writes that children tend to draw men as scientists more as they age.

Amy Poehler’s Directorial Debut Has a Dream Cast and Will Involve Lots of Wine

Some good news. Amy Poehler is directing her first movie, Wine Country, which will be released by Netflix. CNN reports she is also starring alongside Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, Ana Gasteyer, Paula Pell, and Emily Spivey, and they will be drinking lots of wine in Napa. Bless.

Published Thursday, March 22

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