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Claire Foy Didn't Get Equal Pay On The Crown

Vanity Fair reports that Claire Foy, who plays the Queen of England on a show about the Queen of England, got paid less than Matt Smith, who plays her husband on the same show. Notorious for being one of the most expensive television shows in history, The Crown has a $7 million budget per episode but was only paying Claire Foy an estimated $40,000 per episode.


The #NationalSchoolWalkout Is Happening Right Now

NPR reports that high school students at least 3,130 schools across the nation plan to walk out at 10am in their respective time zones to protest gun violence. The walkouts will last 17 minutes, a number chosen in solidarity with the 17 people who were murdered at the shooting in Parkland, FL. last month. The walkouts have been almost entirely student-organized.

Five Women Have Accused Architect Richard Meier of Sexual Harassment

Five women have accused Richard Meier, the world-renowned architect who designed the Getty, of sexual harassment. The accusations come two months after Meier established a graduate scholarship at Cornell intended to “recruit and retain the most talented women applicants.” Meier’s official response to the accusations was tepid and victim-blamey. Read more at the New York Times.

YouTube Will Add Wikipedia Links To Fight Conspiracy Theories Instead Of Monitoring Its Own Content

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has announced that the website will be fighting conspiracy theories by adding Wikipedia links with information about the event to their videos. Rather than, you know, monitoring their content to ensure people aren’t consuming harmful, blatant lies. The announcement comes more than a year after YouTube was blasted in the New York Times for using algorithms that perpetuate the spread of extremist ideas. Read more about the new strategy on The Verge.

Saudi Arabia Begins To Move Away From Default Male Guardianship Of Children

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CNN reports that Saudi women have won the right to keep custody of their children after a divorce. Previously, custody defaulted to men — women were required to file a lawsuit, which may take years, in order to obtain custody. This action is part of a series of social and economic reforms called Vision 2030.

Laura Dern Couldn't Fire Her Blaster In Star Wars Without Saying "Pew."

Adorable proof has emerged backing the actress' claim that she couldn't not say "pew" everytime she fired her blaster in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, according to Vanity Fair. Dern played the formidable Vice Admiral Holdo in the film which featured an incredible line-up of women leadership. Let this gif brighten your day. 

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