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On Tuesday, Chloe Kim killed it when she won a gold medal in the women’s halfpipe, making history as the youngest woman to ever win an Olympic snowboarding medal. Sadly, but unsurprisingly, it took only one day for a public figure—Patrick Connor of Barstool Radio’s SiriusXM show Dialed-In With Dallas Braden—to sexualize Kim, who is also only 17 years old. Following immediate backlash, Connor was fired from his job at San Francisco-based radio station KNBR-AM, reports Deadspin. Bye!

To be fair, all three men—Connor, his co-host Dallas Braden, and comedian Brody Stevens—were very creepy, and for a sports-themed talk show, there didn’t seem to be any discussion of Kim’s Olympic win and athletic ability. You can listen to the clip here, but be warned, some highlights include a quip about her upcoming eighteenth birthday and an exclamation that “she’s fine as hell…she’s a little hot piece of ass. She is adorable.”


Shortly after, Connor apologized on Twitter, calling his own comments “a weird attempt to make people laugh” and “gross.”

Barstool Sports, the news outlet that runs Dialed-In, clearly does not feel the same way. “Nothing is more important…than trying to bring humor to our fans,” tweeted the site’s founder, Dave Portnoy. “Occasionally we miss the mark. Regardless we won’t let advertisers, crybabies, and jealous people dictate what we do.”

As of yesterday, USA Today reports that SiriusXM has not yet made a statement.

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