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On the anniversary Trump’s inauguration this past Saturday, thousands of women took to the streets and podiums to protest the bigot-in-chief and his racist, sexist, and classist agenda. Worldwide, an estimated 4 million people attended the Women’s March in 2017, reported The Cut. And while there was no official count for this years happening, individual reports from the 200-plus events planned in cities like New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angelos, San Francisco, Seattle, and Oakland, put the number of attendees across the country at around 1 million.

According to the New York Times, the sustained momentum behind the Women’s March this year may be due, in part, to campaigns like TIME’S UP and the #MeToo movement, which reflect a nation-wide determination to reverse abusive and unequal power structures.  The March also helped fire-up fledgling and future campaigns aimed to increase equality, and is part of a plan to build momentum and increase voter turnout for the upcoming midterm elections, aiming to encourage progressive women and their allies will vote to demand social and political reform.


Here some of our favorite photos from this revolutionary event: 

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