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Actor and writer Amber Tamblyn, a longtime poetry columnist for BUST,  will be leading a panel called "Fighting Partiarchal Narratives During the Trump Era" on Sunday, December 10th, at 2pm, at the Brooklyn Expo, 72 Noble Street, Brooklyn NY. She'll be joined by Feminist Press executive director and fellow BUST contributor Jamia Wilson, BuzzFeed News writer Alanna Bennett, and BUST co-founder Laurie Henzel. Tickets are $10, and may be purchased here.  

Tamblyn's talk is one highlight of the annual BUST Craftacular, NYC's longest-running indie-craft fair. This year's event has expanded well beyond it's roots,  and, in addition to the over 150 vendors selling the best in handmade gifts, there will also be over 100 crafting and wellness classes, 8 inspiring talks, and a mini-music festival on offer.  


Tamblyn has recently been in the news since penning  a moving November 30 opinion piece for The New York Times, addressing how men should respond in the wake of  the seemingly endless list of sexual harassment and assault allegations that have included dozens of predators from Louis C.K. to Matt Lauer. 

“The only way to enforce seismic, cultural change in the way men relate to women is to draw a line in the sand and say: This is what we will no longer tolerate. You’re either with our bodies or against our bodies,” Tamblyn wrote. “You have to acknowledge [the line]. Once you do this, the next step is simple: Pick a side. Choose us.”

The piece, which you can read in full here, mentions a conversation Tamblyn had with two fellow writers, one male and one female. The man wondered aloud about redemption. “It’s a valid question. But it’s also a question that makes me deeply suspicious of its timing,” Tamblyn said. “Why do we need to talk about the redemption of men when we are right in the middle of the salvation of women?”  


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