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Almost everyone I know had one. I know I did. Mine was Josephina, and my sister's was Felicity. I am talking, of course, about American Girls Dolls. They came with a book and you could feed into the consumerism and buy them outfits and accessories.

Enter the 2030 doll collection. It's a futuristic parody of The American Girls dolls. While American Girls tend to reinforce traditional gender roles, these dolls have a STEM focus, encouraging the exploration of science and technology in a changing world. Created by photogrpahy maven Sarah Anne Ward and Mason Adams, the project brings together carefully curated images with snappy text to both critique and model of how toys and play can adapt with the times.

2030Girls Dawn

With taglines like "I know information is power" and "Today I'll save a life," they have catchy and inspirational bios that highlight their contrast from the classic American Girls Doll.

2030Girls Petra2

 It is advertised as a way of expanding the choices for girls: "It's a brave new world, and girls have more choices than ever. That's why 2030 Girls has created a line of dolls for the women of tomorrow. We believe community, identity, and stability are child's play." 

2030Girls Maggie

All images via The 2030 Doll Collection

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