As of today, Senate Republicans’ secret healthcare bill is no longer a secret. And, as we expected, it is not good at all. Via Planned Parenthood Action Fund, here are a few of the ways it will damage reproductive rights:

ppact healthcare


The bill will also be devastating to people with disabilities, people who suffer from addiction, and low income people - among others.

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards told the Hill, “If this is the Senate’s idea of a bill with heart, then the women of America should have fear struck in theirs. Slashing Medicaid and blocking millions of women from getting preventive care at Planned Parenthood is beyond heartless. One in five women in this country rely on Planned Parenthood for care. They will not stay silent as politicians vote to take away their care and their rights.”

The New York Times writes that the bill is likely to come to the Senate floor next week, and could be voted on after 20 hours of debate. Republicans currently have 52 seats in the Senate, and Vice President Mike Pence is the tie-breaking vote.

So call your Senator - even if yours are both Democrats. Ask them how they are voting, and if they’re voting against this bill, how they plan to fight it. Tell them why healthcare access is important to you. The ACLU's website has a suggested script and an easy way to find your Senator's phone number.


Images via Planned Parenthood Action Fund

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