#WhatWomenWantIn4Words Proves Men Are Actually Clueless

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The hashtag #WhatWomenWantIn4Words started trending Friday morning, and lucky for us, men seized this opportunity to prove how complicated women are. I mean, they have a point. We're so confusing!!

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We truly use a secret language that men can't possibly understand. And do we REALLY even know what's best for us?

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If only we would just say what we mean.

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It's like we speak in code...

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Everyone knows women are incapable of making up their minds, even when it comes to the simple stuff.

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If only it was easier to make decisions for ourselves. 

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We overcomplicate EVERYTHING.

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Us gals are just clueless when it comes to knowing what we really want.

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Screen Shot 2017 06 16 at 12.42.31 PM

This guy THINKS he's got it all figured out...

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Oh well, guess the world will never know.

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