Every year, Riverdale, New York school Ethical Culture Fieldston School hosts a fashion show. Art teacher Nancy Fried challenges students in her sculpture class to create sustainable designs sans fabric. The resulting looks blend current trends with the nontraditional, and use candy, newspaper, bookmarks, soda can tabs, and more as their essential materials.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Fried describes how her sculpture class grew from less than 20 pupils (and corresponding looks in the fashion show) to over 68 featured looks. Fried stated, "There are parents in the audience who don't even have kids in the show... It [blows my] mind." 


This year, students Karolina Montes and Zoë Balestri used flyers and condoms from Planned Parenthood to create their gowns. Montes' and Balestri's designs speak to specific political tensions around Planned Parenthood — "defunding" under Trump's health-care bill, debates over abortion rights and access, sex education — and the broader implications of ethical fashion. 

We're obsessed. And so is PP, which featured the designers on their Instagram: "LOOK. WHAT. THEY. MADE."

Check out the full looks below. 




Top photo: Instagram.com/ppnycaction

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