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I don't know about you, but I worry about Hillary Clinton.

The woman is obviously tough as nails; four decades in the public eye will do that to you. Yet I can't help but think about how she's coping whenever I read reports about Vice-Hypocrite Mike Pence's private emails being hacked (um, LOCK HIM UP?), or further evidence of her opponent's links to the foreign power that intentionally sabotaged her campaign.

If I want to punch a hole in my screen, how must she be feeling?

Hillary Clinton Pence HeadlineWho knows what is going on behind that face?

In case you too are wondering (every few minutes of every day) how Hillary Clinton is holding up, rest assured: she is, apparently, doing okay. According to a source speaking to The Hill, the other Hill is picking herself up and dusting herself off.

"She's in a much better place than she was in two months ago," said one confidant. "I think she's very much forward-thinking and -looking than people think she is right now."

Like a woman going through the worst breakup of all time, Clinton was struggling initially. "In the days and weeks following her surprise loss, allies say it was difficult for Clinton to read the headlines," The Hill continues. "Instead, she went on long walks in and around her home Chappaqua, N.Y. and out to dinner with her husband.'

So there you have it. Hillary is okay. You can stop wanting to hug her tightly and whisper, 'It's not your fault. It wasn't fair.' 

The bittersweet I-told-you-so of the increasing Russian connections is surely helping.

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