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On Saturday night, former Donald Trump advisor Roger Stone had what is rightly being referred to as a Twitter meltdown, attacking everyone from J.K. Rowling to Hillary Rodham Clinton to the everyday Science/Statistics professor Caroline O., who most likely regrets her decision of responding to the lunatic.

Stone initially tweeted regarding Trump's wiretapping allegations against Obama, to which Caroline (@RVAwonk) replied, 'Do you know what libel is, Mr. Stone?'

The Trump ally had a few unsurprisingly crass comments for the woman, whose bio claims her to be, 'liberal in my politics & my use of snark.' (same)

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Stone then went on to attack both Ana Navarro, the Republican CNN reporter and avid anti-trump vocalist, and J.K. Rowling, the beloved author of a book series with an antagonist very much comparable to Donald Trump himself.

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A few of Stone's tweets have since been deleted. Out of embarrassment? Probably not.

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