Lady Parts Justice

Lady Parts Justice, a group of writers who use comedy to address the politics surrounding access to birth control and abortion, released their annual State of the Uterus address. Each year, Eunice P. Justice, a pink puppet uterus with large eyes and thick lashes, comments on the State of the Union, delivering her scathing opinion and breaking down the ins and outs of the current reproductive rights legislation.

President Donald Trump delivered a statement to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, Feb. 28, and LPJ posted Eunice P. Justice’s remarks later that same day. Highlights of the short video include: Justice’s insistence on creating a stronger uterine wall (so we can make autonomy great again); and searingly funny cracks at Kellyanne Conway (“Her career as a professional rape apologist broke the glass ceiling for future third-wave men’s activists everywhere!”) and Judge Neil Gorsuch (“Judge Gorsuch will help create a Supreme Court that will continue to uphold laws based on wild guesses on how I actually work!” proclaimed the talking uterus puppet.)

All of this was done in the name of life, labia and the pursuit of happiness.


Top photo: screenshot


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