Kellyanne Conway's Thoughts on Feminism

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Trump's right-hand minion Kellyanne Conway has some very particular thoughts on feminism that are not only offensive but unsurprisingly wrong and contradictory. Here are a few of our favorite moments:

>“It’s difficult for me to call myself a feminist in a classic sense because it seems to be very anti-male, and it certainly is very pro-abortion, and I’m neither anti-male or pro-abortion,”- The Washington Post Jan 23


>When asked about the women’s march she said: "I frankly didn't see the point.”- ABC This Week Jan. 22

>A Vox article explains how, “She said it’s “unfortunate” that many feminists have such a “presumptive negativity about women in power.” Vox Feb 23

>“I don’t consider myself a feminist. I think my generation isn’t a big fan of labels. My favorite label is mommy. I feel like the feminist movement has been hijacked by the pro-abortion movement or the anti-male sentiments that you read in some of their propaganda and writings. I’m not anti-male. One does not need to be pro-female and call yourself a feminist, when with it comes that whole anti-male culture where we want young boys to sit down and shut up in the classroom. And we have all of these commercials that show what a feckless boob the man in the house is. That’s not the way I see the men in my life, most especially my 12-year-old son. I consider myself a postfeminist. I consider myself one of those women who is a product of her choices, not a victim of her circumstances.”- Washington Post Jan. 26

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Let’s break this one down a bit because there is a lot of material to work with here. To start- Conway makes a contradictory statement (shocker) that her generation “doesn’t like labels” but goes on to explain that she has a favorite label, and it is mommy. Someone needs to tell Conway that there is nothing evil about labels and that they are in no way confining- she is more than welcome to be both a feminist and a mommy! Moving on- Conway says the feminist movement was “hijacked by the pro-abortion movement.” Wrong. The fight for reproductive rights and the pro-choice movement has always been an integral part of the feminist movement dating back to first wave feminists like Margaret Sanger. Regarding her comments about keeping young boys in the classroom to “sit down and shut up” is simply untrue. Feminism is not about the degrading of men or boys but about equality.

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