Hey, New York Post - There's No One Way To Act Like A Mom (Including Madonna)

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In a not-so-shocking article, the New York Post once again showed their blatant sexism. An article titled “Madonna needs to start acting like a mom” used sexist logic to make the argument that — because Madonna is politically active and doesn’t look and act like a stereotypical soccer mom — she is an unfit mother.

While the fact that this is coming from the New York Post pretty much disqualifies all credibility, let’s just go through their sexist points and prove them wrong — for funsies.


The fact that Madonna is politically active and outspoken (including her speech at the Women’s March) does not make her a bad mother. If anything, it is good for her children to see that political activism is important to a functioning society.

As far as "showing her naughty bits" and "bod-baring," the way she dresses and is presented in some paparazzi pictures are not indicative of how she parents and to judge her parenting skills based on something that shallow is nothing short of ridiculous.

The constant criticism that women in Hollywood face after having children is immense, and it’s time to set the record straight: There is no one way or right way to parent. Different children respond differently to varying parenting styles.

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It’s also important to realize that just because Madonna is a mother does not mean that is her only role. Sure, that is a piece of her identity but she is still an artist and activist. When a woman has children she does not automatically give up her entire identity but rather adds to it. To look at Madonna and say, “You’re a mom, now so it’s time to stop doing anything else and be a mom,” is demeaning and ultimately — not up to you. However she chooses to raise her children is none of our damn business.

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