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In only seven minutes during the newest episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Samantha Bee rips apart everything wrong with the president’s latest executive order, something the host of the political satire show called the of Islamaphobia.

On Friday, Donald Trump signed an executive order banning travel to seven Muslim countries for 90 days and suspending all refugee admission to the country for 120 days. Syrian refugee admission was suspended indefinitely. Trump has taken to calling it a territory ban, insisting that it’s not a Muslim ban, even though he’s said that he would give priority to Christian refugees. Trump may be insisting on calling it a territory ban, but Bee, always armed with wit, puts what most people are thinking perfectly into words: “Actually, lawyers call it ‘unconstitutional,’ but what’s in a name?”


Bee shoots down conservative responses to the Not-A-Muslim-Ban Muslim Ban point by point, loaded with facts, figures and humor. “Trump’s ban will prevent numerous terrorists from entering the country,” she said; then, a CNN clip with research from the Cato Institute flashes on screen, revealing that no American citizens have been killed by terrorists from any of the banned countries since 1975.

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Although Trump insisted that the travel ban was “working out very nicely,” the countless airport protests that erupted throughout the nation said otherwise. Bee also pointed out that this ban worked to unite groups of people with radically different opinions as well: major Christian groups, U.S. veterans, the Koch brothers and even Republican senators such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

Bee isn’t afraid to hammer down on Donald Trump and his “clown car of an Oval Office,” and nothing is more important during this new administration than a well-researched, intelligent and witty woman who is unwilling to accept what is happening as normal.

Photos are screenshots from Full Frontal with Samantha Bee; video from YouTube


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