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When James Corden retweets you, you know you've hit the pop-culture jack pot. This week, 20-year-old Molly-Mae tweeted a photo that seems to have originally appeared on 52, a French feminist group's Twitter. The tweet mocks a recent photo of Donald Trump surrounded by white men as he signed the reinstating of the "global gag rule," which cuts off international health organisations who perform abortions, among other vital health services, from U.S funding.

The rule is yuuuge setback and might lead many countries health clinics to shut down altogether, abortions will go as will pap smears and vaccines. 


This is the parody (or fantasy) photo shows Hillary porting pant-suit and all signing a law, "It is now illegal to ejaculate, unless it's for reproduction," surrounded by a cabinet of smirking, nasty women.

Hil sign

Image @xnicorn


The twilight zone that is our reality photo happened in real life on Monday the 23th:

Trump sign

Image @MartinBelam



This was the post that appeared on the French 52 Twitter:


French sign copy

Image @noussommes52

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