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Women who voted for Trump are one of the life’s great mysteries. How could 42% of women (and 53% of white women) vote for a man accused of multiple counts of sexual assault, and caught on tape openly boasting about actually doing so? For a man who had been known to rate women’s appearances on a scale of 1 to 10 and go out of his way to humiliate them?

Over the weekend, the New York Times’ Susan Chira attempted to solve it by profiling a range of women across the country about their motives for supporting quite possibly the most openly sexist candidate to ever run for President of the United States.


The amount of self-delusion, generous assumptions, benefit of the doubt, and deliberate denial in their comments leave one more confused than ever. One woman self-identified as a feminist but thought feminists were asking for too much, and one voted for Trump because she didn’t want to see feminism go backward: too much immigration was more dangerous to the feminist cause than a misogynistic head of state, apparently. Another said that “Obama was out for himself. I don’t think he really respected the office. I think it was more about him being a celebrity than a president.” Huh. That description sounds word-for-word exactly like the man you just voted for. Many seemed more interested in the fact that Trump was authentic than what his authentic views actually were.

Fortunately, Sady Doyle was able to add some humor to the situation on Twitter.

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Sady's tweets manage to bring some satisfaction to what is otherwise a very painful read, and a sad situation for feminists everywhere.

Image via Flickr/Michael Vadon

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