In a few days, the world will be saying farewell to one of the most elegant, no-nonsense, and humanitarian First Ladies in known history. First Lady Michelle Obama's citizenry and public service will go towards the next lovely venture that awaits her.

However, before she leaves, how fitting to pen a Woman Crush Wednesday (#WCW) poem to our outgoing First Lady as the countdown of her departure looms.


This farewell liturgy hopefully will stand as a proud reminder to women around the globe of the First Lady's exoteric demeanor and sheer confidence in the midst of honoring herself, her family, her heritage, and her country.

The aim of this due reverence also includes catapulting intersectional feminists to collaborate in an inclusive and mobilizing manner for the plight of feminism and women's rights with the same zeal as our First Lady has and will continue to do so.

Mrs. Michelle Obama the Revolutionary

The Mogul of Black Girl Magic

She used her bare arms as a revolution to the status quo

Shaking the hands of dignitaries with her cool brown skin

Using her voice to pause and pray for a country that once tried to pray her kind away

Mrs. Michelle Obama the Revolutionary

The Mogul of Black Girl Magic,

Wearing dynamite for perfume

Working her status of flawless stateliness in classy stilettos

Where marginalized women were once never allowed to go


Turning over the mused head of America’s divisive history

Giving it all away

So girls can see that they too can be like her someday

Mrs. Michelle Obama the Revolutionary

The Mogul of Black Girl Magic,

The Fastidious First Lady of our time

Her words placid fire and her legacy unremitting grace

Unbought, her smile is her own

Try if you will but there will never be another like her on Capitol Hill

Top photo: Twitter/White House

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