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We’ll be joining the Women’s March this weekend, and we'll be carrying signs and ready to shout. Yesterday, we spent some time brainstorming slogan ideas for, and our editor-in-chief Debbie had so many ideas. Here they are — perfect for sign-making or shouting. Tell us your ideas, too! 



1. Can't back down, won't back down

2. Hear me roar!

3. Not going back

4. My body, my choice

5. Not the boss of me

6. My pussy bites

7. Free Ivanka!

8. Free Melania!

9. Shut up, Trump and make me a sandwich.

10. Small hands, big loser

11. The biggest loser

12. Utereses before duderuses

13. Ovaries before brovaries

14. Bossy women rule

15. Trump: Delete your account

16. Fight like a girl

17. Keep your filthy paws off my silky drawers!

18. Girls just want to have fun-damental human rights

19. Girls just want to have fun-ding for Planned Parenthood

20. Females are strong as hell

21. Bitches get stuff done

22. Revolution grrrl style now!

23. STFU Trump

24. Small hands, small mind

25. Just try grabbing this

26. Girls to the front

27. Women - you can't beat 'em!

28. Ready to #slay!

29. Women are here to #slay.

30. We're here to slay!

31. Don't obey — slay!

32. Women won't obey — we slay


33. Okay ladies, let's get INFORMATION

34. I can't fucking believe I'm still protesting this shit

35. Stop the war on women

36. No war on women

37. Real men don't grab pussies

38. Real men get consent

39. You can't handle the truth

40. On Wednesdays we smash the patriarchy

41. Here to smash the patriarchy

42. Ask me about my feminist agenda

43. Smashing the patriarchy is my bae

44. Trump is not my bae

45. Smashing trumpkins

46. Trumplethinskin

47. No uterus, no opinion

48. Raise your voice — support choice

49. Our future, our choice, our fight

50. Against abortion? Don't have one

51. Choice is my bae

52. Women's rights is my bae

53. TRUMP: Take a seat

54. Everything he knows about women can fit in the palms of his tiny hands

55. Trump is maybe a 6 — tops!

56. Loud-mouthed women against small-handed men!

57. Sexism has no place in the White House

58. Sexism is for pussies

59. Trump is a big pussy


This post was originally published January 6, 2017

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