How Glass Ceiling Lip Gloss Supports Women’s Rights

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In a time when our country feels so divided and many are feeling helpless, where do we turn to fight back and stand up for our rights? Lip gloss. Beautiful Rights lip products are the newest and most stylish way to stand up for gender justice. The beauty brand donates 20% of all sales—not profits—to your choice of women’s rights organizations. Just a few names on their roster are Planned Parenthood, MomsRising, and the American Civil Liberties Union. Just about everything that Beautiful Rights does has a feminist message behind it—the reason they give 20% of their sales is to combat the wage gap women continue to face, being paid 20% less than men.

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Not only are the colors vibrant and beautiful but the products have names like ‘Gloss Ceiling Lip Gloss’ and ‘Politically Pout’. The company acknowledges on their website that lipsticks and lip products are not only used for dolling up a pretty face, but can be a forceful tool of empowerment. With the right lipstick, a woman gets a confident boost and inspiration to take on her day. Beautiful Rights says on their site that they plan to take beauty back “redefining it as an act of resistance and empowerment, open to each individual woman to define for herself—and no one else.”

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As if it wasn’t already an awesome cause to support with cheeky product names, buying Beautiful Rights products is also a weight off your conscience— the company is woman-created and owned, does not test on animals, and all products are made in New York (no outsourcing!). Empowerment has never looked so good.

All photos were taken from Beautiful Rights Instagram.

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