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Last night, civil rights activist, former public relations director of American Atheists, and a proud trans woman, Danielle Muscato laid down the law for President-elect Donald Trump on Twitter. After the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live, Trump decided to express his disgust for Alec Baldwin’s parody of him over Twitter. On December 4th Trump tweeted, “Just tried watching Saturday Night Live — unwatchable! Totally biased, not funny and the Baldwin impersonation just can’t get any worse. Sad,” which inspired Muscato to deliver Trump an epic thread of tweets that gaveTrump a taste of the “real world” in response. What began with one profanity infused jab at the President-elect’s priorities soon lead to dozens of tweets demanding that he get off his high horse and that America will not #resist the normalization of Trump’s America.

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She starts off by addressing the SNL skit, explaining to Trump that he should stop caring about his portrayal on a fictionalized television series and put his energy into the 330 million lives he will actually be responsible for when he assumes office in January. She then took to explaining that despite winning the presidency, it is unlikely that Trump has any idea about the real atrocities occurring in the United States—including the number of transgender individuals who were murdered and the veterans who have committed suicide since election day.

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Muscato goes on to inform Trump that she, along with millions of Americans, will not stop fighting against “fascism, crony capitalism, [and] hypocrisy.” She writes that it is about time that someone stands up to Trump’s distracted tweeting and propaganda—signifying that she will not resist until equality is met for victims of police brutality, women accessing abortions, and LGBTQ and POC individuals are safe from discrimination and danger.

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In these tweets, Muscato illustrates the fearful narrative that many of us have been thinking since election day, however, no one has said it a succinctly or as candidly as the Missouri-based activist. It's fair to say that with the inauguration creeping closer every day, seven weeks as SNL painfully reminded us, social media has a lot more to look forward to from Muscato in terms of fearless critics that don’t hold back. And while many of us certainly are not wishing for that day to come, we should not lose momentum. This is our America, not Trump’s, and even though he may have snatched the oval office—he cannot steal our hope.

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