nyc 7 headerNYC, Photo via Instagram

All across the country, POC, women, and members of the LGBTQ+ community have been out protesting since these terrible election results. In major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston, protesters (mostly students) are denouncing Trump's presidency, disrupting traffic, and making their voices loud and clear. Protest and resistance has always been a part of democracy. We hope these photos from past protests across the country inspire you to support these marginalized groups in any way you can. 

nyc 1 copyNYC, Photo via Facebook


 LA 1LA, Photo via Instagram

nyc 2NYC, Photo via Twitter

LA 2LA, Photo via Instagram

nyc 3NYC, Photo via Instagram

LA 6LA. Photo via Instagram

nyc 4NYC. Photo via Instagram

nyc 5NYC. Photo via Instagram

LA 5LA. Photo via Instagram

chicago 1Chicago. Photo via Twitter

nyc 6NYC. Photo via Instagram


LA 4LA. Photo via Instagram

nyc 8NYC. Photo via Instagram

boston 1Boston. Photo via Twitter

nyc 9NYC. Photo via Instagram

san fran 1San Francisco. Photo via Twitter

nyc 10NYC. Photo via Instagram

LA 3LA. Photo via Instagram


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