More White Women Voted For Trump Than Hillary Clinton and We Need To Talk About It

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Today many millions of Americans are wondering how the hell Donald Trump won the election. As a woman, having someone like Trump is honestly my worst nightmare and throughout the chaos of last night that resulted in the defeat of Hillary Clinton—I was left wondering who let this happen for women and America? Unfortunately, according to the exit polls published by CNN, all I had to do was look in the mirror to see what aided in Trump’s victory last night. According to these polls, 53% of white women voted for Donald Trump in this election.

You’d think that with everything he’s said about women, that women wouldn’t have voted for him. From calling a woman “Miss Piggy,” to saying he grabs them by the pussy, to calling Clinton a “nasty woman,” and let’s not forget, he plans to elect Pro-Life supreme court justices to overturn Roe v. Wade. Of course Trump has made countless other horrifying remarks, mainly about people of color, however, 94% of black women and 68% of Latina women voted for Hillary. It’s astonishing to think that white women would rather have the poster child of misogyny and sexism as president than a woman who has more credentials than any candidate in United States history. This election could have been the most historic moment for women since the suffrage movement, but the majority of white women didn’t want that to happen.


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Although 1 in 5 women will become victims of sexual assault and 1 in 3 women will have an abortion by the time she reaches the age of forty-five, at the end of the day 53% of white women decided that these issues are not important to them. Just look at some of the things that have been said by female Trump supporters in the past, such as a comment in an article with New York magazine that reads, “I like getting groped! I’m heterosexual. I’m a woman, and when a guy gropes me, I get groping on them!” Can we honestly say that this casual standoffishness to sexual assault is acceptable for over half of white women in America? We need a leader that can set an example for their citizens and up until last night, many of us believed that we were going to make huge progress for women by electing not only a female president but someone who stood up to hate speech.

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These results really go to show the role that privilege plays in the United States because many white women don’t have to face the consequences that our country has put onto women at large and minorities. They are protected from many of the atrocities that go on in this country because of the color of their skin and they were willing to vote out of self-interest as opposed to what would be better for this country as a whole.

What’s most disturbing is many women who have experienced sexual assault and had abortions themselves voted for Trump. I feel more pity than anger towards these women because they have proven to be downright delusional to the oppression that women face in society. How can these women honestly support Trump when he has made remarks about sexual assault and abortion that they themselves have experienced? Do they believe they deserve to be harassed, assaulted, and punished for simply being born female?

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It is because of women like this that we NEED more women represented in government and why having Hillary Clinton as president would have been hugely important for young girls everywhere. In times like these, with people like Brock Turner getting off easy for raping an unconscious woman or Trump saying that there should be punishment for women who have abortions, we need someone who is willing to stand up for us and the future women of the United States. I had hoped that if women were not going to think of themselves, that they would at least keep their daughters or future daughters in mind when making the decision of who to vote for yesterday. It breaks my heart to say that these women let me down. However, we cannot give up hope. We cannot break down and abandon what women like Hillary Clinton have spent their lives fighting for. We have the power to overcome the shit card that we have been dealt for the next four years and become a nation that any woman, regardless of race, sexuality, or class, would be proud to be a part of.

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