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Election Day is finally here! I hope you're as excited to stick it to Tr--ahem, vote, as I am! As you cast your ballot today, take a second to remember the women who fought to make that possible. These vintage photos will remind you of how hard women have fought for a voice in American democracy.

Alice Paul 1920 RNC ProtestAlice Paul (far right) and other members of the National Women's Party picket the 1920 Republican National Convention.


Susan B Anthony Illegal Vote 1874Susan B. Anthony was arrested and tried for illegal voting after participating in the 1872 presidential election.


New York Women Vote 1920New York women voting. 1920.


National League of Women Voters 1924National League of Women Voters members encourage women to vote. 1924.


Emmeline Pankhurst VotesBritish suffragist Emmeline Pankhurst at a polling booth. Circa 1910.


League of Women Voters Teach Women How to Vote 1930Bertha M. Furman of the League of Women Voters explains the voting process. Circa 1930.


Eleanor Roosevelt Votes at Hyde Park 1936Eleanor Roosevelt casts her ballot at Hyde Park. 1936.




San Francisco Suffragettes San Francisco suffragists endorse a state amendment granting women the right to vote.


Black Women Voters Baltimore 1964Baltimore voters wait on line to cast their ballots. 1964.


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Stylish Woman Voting 1970Groovy voters heads to her polling station. 1970.


Black Women March for the Voting Rights Act 1965Black women march in support of the Voting Rights Act. 1965.



League of Women Voters Cincinnati 1924League of Women Voters members gather at Fountain Square in Cincinnati. 1924.


Women Vote in NYC 1917New York City women casting their ballots.


American Indian Women Register to VoteNative American women register to vote in New Mexico. 1948.


Vote Baby Vote"Vote Baby Vote!"


Japanese SuffragistJapanese actor Komako Kimura marches in a 1917 parade for women's suffrage.

NYC Suffragettes MarchWomen march for suffrage in New York City. 1913.

Women Use Your Vote

Jackie Kennedy VotingJackie Kennedy votes in the Massachusetts primary. 1962.

Women Voting 1922Women in New York voting, 1922.


Hillary and Bill Vote 1982


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