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A new magazine created for girls, by girls, is capturing the blissful and inspiring experiences of young ladies. 10-year-old Wesley Pfleeger, along with her photographer mom Christa Renee and illustrator Ami Komai, launched Bright Lite to empower pre-teen girls, and give them a space to create and share their own content.

The quarterly magazine has published two issues, and features works from girls all over the world, including photography, original interviews and articles, recipes, crafts, journals posts, music and advice. The editorial board is also completely run by young girls, to make sure their interests and views are represented.


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"Bright Lite is not perfect and polished," they write. "It's beautiful and real."

Renee says she started the magazine, "After battling low self esteem issues with my daughter... and realizing that there isn’t a community out there for girls her age." With this new sense of community, Bright Lite supports girls and gives them an outlet for their work.

Currently, the publication has launched a Kickstarter to raise the funds to print copies for each of their publications. They're almost half-way to their goal of $10,000, which would allow the magazine to continue operating as they have.

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"We are hyper-focused on growing our subscriber base and building other revenue streams, so we can make this venture self-sustaining," they wrote on their Kickstarter page. "For every dollar you donate you are helping us to inspire young girls to learn from each other, grow and create a community and publication where they can just be themselves."

We totally support this rad magazine that was founded on the same ideas that BUST was- that women and girls deserve to have their voices heard.

You can donate to Bright Lite here, and if you know any young girls looking to publish with the magazine, you can find out more about the submission process here.

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