Shirley Chisholm


While the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have indeed been historic, both owe a debt to their fierce political foremother Shirley Chisholm, whose groundbreaking bid for the White House in 1972 helped pave the way for women and people of color. Think you know what gave her the might to fight for what’s right? Then take the quiz!


Shirley Anita St. Hill Chisholm was 
born on November 30, 1924, in _______.
a. New York
b. Orlando
c. Chicago
d. Los Angeles

Though she wasn’t elected president, Shirley did hold this office.
a. Secretary of the House 
Democratic Caucus
b. Member of the U.S. House 
of Representatives
c. Member of the New York State Assembly
d. All of the above

What was the title of both Shirley’s 1970 
autobiography and the 2004 documentary made about her life by Shola Lynch?
a. Large and In Charge
b. Undaunted and Unafraid
c. Unbought and Unbossed
d. Young, Gifted, and Black

Shirley died at age ___ in Ormond Beach, FL, after suffering several strokes.
a. 70
b. 80
c. 90
d. 100

Complete the following Shirley quote: 
“Tremendous amounts of talent are lost to our society just because that talent _______.”
a. wears a skirt
b. was born black
c. was never educated
d. isn’t white and male

Answer Key: 1(a), 2(d), 3(c), 4(b), 5(a)

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