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Sarah Sophie Flicker—Performer, Activist, and Writer

I’m with her because I care about communication, discourse, and holding space for many truths. Beyond the racism, sexism, xenophobia, and toxic masculine violence put forth by “he who shall not be named,” I want my three kids to learn that there is no “us vs. them,” and that leadership means leading for all people. I want them to know that magnanimity is powerful and that binaries only divide us.


I’m with her because I am a feminist and I care about reproductive justice, paid family leave, affordable child care, paid sick days, a $15-dollar minimum wage, climate change, the Supreme Court, the right to abortion, black lives, violence against women, mass incarceration, immigration, health care for all...and so much more.

We’ve only had white male presidents—and one excellent black man—and a woman leading this country would be a monumental paradigm shift. Women and people of color are woefully underrepresented in this country and it’s high time our governing body reflects our population.


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