Jamia Wilson: 'I'm With Her Because It's On Us To Ensure Love Will Trump Hate'

Jamia Wilson

Jamia Wilson—Executive 
Director of Women, Action, 
& the Media

We live in arduous times that require both the vision and execution of this election cycle’s most qualified candidate. The reality is, no one is better equipped to stand up to extremist hardliners and get things done in congress than Secretary Clinton. She has the leadership experience and the relationships needed to develop solutions to our nation’s greatest challenges, which include gun violence, pay inequality, criminal justice reform, and reproductive rights. Clinton is the candidate who is best prepared for global leadership and collaboration. The diplomacy experience she amassed as Secretary of State is unmatched by Donald Trump, as is her commitment to breaking economic and gender barriers in the United States and beyond.


In a country where women and especially women of color still lack equal pay for equal work, we must elect a candidate who consistently prioritizes parental leave, paid sick leave, and caretaker credits. As part of a generation saddled with student debt, and wages that don’t increase significantly with the rising cost of living, I’m betting on a candidate who is prioritizing student debt relief so people like my partner and I can afford to build our families. And in a political landscape where my human rights are threatened by attacks on comprehensive reproductive health care, pay inequity, and racist state violence, my life and countless other lives depend on this election.

Beyond the critical importance of countering the hate-and-fear-fueled campaign Trump is waging against progress, I’m ready for Hillary because improving women’s lives uplifts our communities. I’m with her because it’s on us to ensure that love will trump hate in November.


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