Rose McGowan Shares Story Of Sexual Assault on Twitter: “It Is Time For Some Goddamned Honesty In This World”

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Rose McGowan made headlines Thursday after posting a series of tweets alleging that a prominent Hollywood executive raped her. The tweets were shared under #WhyWomenDontReport, a hashtag that sexual assault survivors are using to highlight how the Trump campaign’s shameful attempts to discredit and belittle the women accusing him of sexual assault are an example of rape culture at its finest.

In the tweets, McGowan shares that her criminal attorney discouraged her from bringing her alleged rapist to trial—the reason being that a woman who had “done a sex scene in a film” wouldn’t be believed in court. The actor also used the moment to condemn Hollywood’s willingness to protect her alleged rapist, all the while shaming her into silence.


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Rose McGowan Tweet Hollywood Adulated Rapist

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McGowan's ordeal is yet another sobering reminder of the lengths that people will go to protect powerful men’s sense of entitlement over women’s bodies. We commend her brave stand against rape culture. Clearly, there’s still a substantial amount of work that needs to be done before Hollywood (and society at large) can be considered a safe place for women—but thanks to the bravery of people like McGowan, we’re getting closer. We’re incredibly honored to announce that McGowan will be featured on the December/January cover of BUST! #ROSEARMY

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