5 Ada Lovelace Accessories To Show Your Love For The Mother Of Programming

Ada Portrait

Tuesday is our favorite math-related holiday: Ada Lovelace Day! Every year, we celebrate this woman, dubbed the world's first computer programmer, for the work she did in the early 1800s on the Analytical Engine. Her studies would become the basis for modern day computer software. So today we're honoring Ada, the enchantress of numbers, with these totally rad accessories created in her respect.

1. This Ada Lovelace Laptop Skin


Ada Laptop SkinPhoto via RedBubble

What better way to remember the work Ada Lovelace did for computer technology than a skin for your laptop? With this beautiful artwork as the first thing you see every time you open your laptop, you'll be reminded who you have to thank for the technology. Cori Redford, $25.

2. "Support Women in STEM" Buttons

Ada ButtonsPhoto via Etsy

Despite all the work Ada Lovelace did for women in the technology field (before it even was a field), women still only make up 24% of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) workers. Show your support for equal opportunities for women in these male-dominated fields with these fun pins. PinEmUpDesigns, $1.95 each.

3. Ada Lovelace Heroes of Science Pint Glass

Ada Pint GlassPhoto via Etsy 

Today and every day, raise a glass to your favorite lady STEM workers. This pint glass is perfect for enjoying a beer after a long day of breaking glass ceilings, and for celebrating Ada as you do so. Cognitive Surplus, $15.

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4. An Ada Lovelace Secular Saint Candle

Ada CandlePhoto via Amazon

Who doesn't need votive candles of Victorian Era mathematicians? This one, from Unemployed Philosopher's Guild, features "Saint Ada, the patron Saint of computer programmers, mathematicians, and those deleted from history." Amazon, $12.95. 

5. These Ada Portrait Earrings

Ada EarringsPhoto via Etsy

These earrings are a must for all you hardcore Ada lovers. With the portrait of this feminist icon on your ears you'll have the strength to take on any challenges, including designing an entirely new form of technology, if you're feeling ambitious. WithSparkles, $9.95

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