3 Ways You Can Help Hillary Without Leaving Your Couch

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Somehow we've survived the past year of Donald Trump's misogynistic, racist and xenophobic presidential campaign and now, the election is only about a month away. In the next few weeks you can still do your part to make sure Hillary Clinton gets elected; in fact her website outlines three ways you can help right from your very home.

  1. Prepared to help long-term? Provide housing for a supporter or organizer of the campaign:
    Volunteers need a safe place to rest after a long day of taking on the patriarchy. You can register here to become a host for out-of-town supporters; it's your call how many people you can house, when, and for how long.Hillary Volunteer Image
  2. You could host a grassroots fundraising event:
    You can hold a fundraising event just about anywhere, including in your living room. Whether it's open to the public or invite-only, invite like-minded people to share personal stories about why they support Hillary, discuss the election, and donate to Hillary's campaign. Her website even provides some tips on how to run the event if you're a first-timer.women 4 hill
  3. If you only have a few hours to contribute, host a free volunteer event:
    This can be anything from a debate watch party with friends and family, talking to neighbors about Hillary's campaign, or organizing people to make calls for Hillary. Attending these events hosted by people near you is also a great way to get involved.



I don't think we need to remind you what's at stake this election (we've been doing that for months), but if you're looking to get involved now is the time, even if it's only for an hour.

Photos via HillaryClinton.com

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