Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonet—Actor
The Cosby Show, A Different World, Angel Heart

From a young age—ever since my eyes were opened to the struggle, courage, and world-changing evolution that came from the freedom seekers of the late-’60s and ’70s—my heart and soul have longed to also participate in a generation that dared to change the world with such significance, to live a life of meaning and enduring contribution. Could this be our time?


We best believe the world is watching. For what we do shall indeed affect the global community. Which of course is truly what we are. From San Bernardino, to Paris, to Orlando, to Dallas, to Minneapolis, to Brussels, to Baton Rouge, to Iraq, to Nice—are we not in this together? The uncertainty of these times requires radical thinking and participation. No excuses. No rich white daddy is ever going to save us. When your great-great-granddaughter asks what you did, what will the answer be? Did you hand the keys over to some drunk uncle? 

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