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Bernie Sanders is a revelation. He started us thinking about Socialism as a real option (yeah!) and pushed the Democrats further left than I ever thought possible. But this November, I will be voting for the Democratic nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton. Not voting, or writing someone in, would make me an apathetic supporter of the other candidate. You know, the one whose main agenda reeks of ethnic cleansing? If he is elected, families will be split up via mass deportation and people will be denied entrance to the U.S. based on their religious faith. As a white atheist, I have no business forcing Mexican Americans and Muslims to pay a very, very steep price so I can pat myself on the back for maintaining some weird sense of leftist purity. When I look at Trump, I see him building walls while kids starve, and feel the possibility of internment camps looming. He wants to go back to those “great” times of slavery, hatred, and women being objects. I can’t sit idly by and let that happen. I’m ready for Hillary.



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