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Need a new feminist web show to watch? Good news – we’ve got you covered. “The Dirty Word,” hosted by the talented and bubbly Amanda Montell, is here to grace the internet with LOL-worthy content that, while providing comic relief, still flawlessly manages to be relevant, informative, and empowering.


The web series is published on, a women’s site founded by Rebecca Odes and Jill Soloway (creator of the Emmy award-winning series Transparent on Amazon Prime). This week’s episode is served in a newsy, John Oliver-ish format, and it recaps three recent events that have successfully managed to “f*ck over the patriarchy” this week. First, Montell addresses the new law that has prohibited male lawyers from calling female lawyers condescending names like "honey" or "sweetie" (read this recent BUST piece about this same topic). She then moves on to talk about a Hebrew-speaking summer camp in Maryland that is working on adding gender neutral pro-nouns to the language for non-binary Jewish children. Finally, she rounds out the episode with a story about researchers at Google who are using algorithms to reduce gender bias in everyday Google searches.

Who doesn’t love sticking it to the patriarchy? Watch the video here and get your quick fill of feminist news, and be sure to check out other episodes of “The Dirty Word” on and Youtube

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