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Deanna Carter is our new hero for calling out a New York City subway masturbator. He clearly needs to get a grip on his problems (cue canned laughter). Her incredible badassery was all captured on camera.


Carter uploaded the 2-minute video to Facebook on Monday (August 15). The man is seen with a backpack over his lap, and Carter yelling at him. “What are you doing? What are you, over here rubbing your dick? What the fuck are you doing?”

She threatened him as he sat staring, quiet and (rightfully) scared. “You wanna rub your dick, bitch, you rub your dick when you get off the motherfucking train. Do we fucking understand each other? I’m in one of those moods. I will fuck you up on this train, you hear me?”

After calling him out, she proceeded to order him off the train. “I don’t give a fuck if this ain’t your stop. You get off this train with that freaky shit. Get up ― get the fuck up, get the fuck off this train,” she said. The man was obviously rattled and uncomfortable to be called out for giving himself a rubdown in public and can be seen flinching as she continues to yell. He complied and scurried off the next stop.


The Huffington Post reports that in a follow-up message, Carter wrote that the crowd applauded her after he exited the train, which is not pictured in the video.

Photo: LWYang/Flickr

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