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There is something about chaos ensuing in a proper English setting that goes so well. The BBC recently released from their archives a tweet reading, "#OnThisDay 1971: Nationwide sent Nicky Woodhead out to pinch men's bottoms, in the name of sexual equality" and trust us, the disorder caused by the disorderly conduct does not disappoint. After lightheartedly pinching men in the streets of London, Nicky asks the very poignant question, "Do you think it's a nice idea if ladies molest gentlemen in the street?" and "I just pinched your bottom, did you like that?"

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Though the reporter is perhaps unable to strike the same fear, demonstrated by the fact that the men seem relieved rather than scared after they see her, Nicky Woodhead and the genius pranksters at BBC were on to a good start. The footage, which feels straight out of the British New Wave film is a well-done example of turning the tables on sexism, and enlightening violators and bystanders on what women get to endure. 

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