“No More Cutting”—an Amsterdam-based art project created by Papersmith Studio director, Mandy Smith, paper artist Oksana Valentelis and photographer Kyla Elaine—is demonstrating the diversity of vaginas and highlighting the dangers of female genital mutilation. This project celebrates the uniqueness of the natural female form and donates any of their profits to Equality Now, an NGO fighting for female human rights around the globe.

As a project, they hope to “raise awareness, open discussion, and gain more support for the ongoing ambition to end FGM within a generation.” They create the vaginas from paper in order to portray the fragility and beauty of each one. Their goal is to have 1,000 paper vaginas by 2017, the current collection has 81 pieces. “No More Cutting” is currently taking submissions from vagina-bearing people ages 18 and older and you can check out more from their project or submit photos on their website.


Check out some of their awesome work below:



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