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Feel like prolonging the stereotype of oppressed housewives cleaning? Well, look no further than the Angry Mama. The Angry Mama is an angry looking plastic woman that you stick in the microwave until steam comes out of her head. When she gets "hot-headed" enough, she cleans your appliance for you, the way all women do! It’s available for $14, and oh mama am I angry.

angry mama microwave steam cleaner ad 2


I don’t know… maybe Mama’s so angry because the makers decided to prolong the misogynistic idea of a woman being in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning. Not to mention putting them in the microwave sounds kind of violent. I don't know about you, but I was taught never to put my mother in the microwave.

It works by filling mama with water and vinegar, and putting her in the microwave so that her pressurized head steams when heated.  Available in angry redhead, crazed blonde chick and purple. Is it something to pull out the torches for, maybe not. It's stupid, it's plastic, it's an As Seen On TV product that probably won't do well, but c'mon, do we have to sell out women just to sell potentially a little bit more to a niche audience? 

angry mama

If for some reason you want to buy this, it's available here



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