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The ever-acerbic Funny or Die does it again, creating quality internet content at the expense of social injustices women have to face.  In one of their latest videos, "The Best Safe Space For Women Was Made By This Man," the website parodies "male allies" who have created a "safe space" for women. The video immediately hits on the notion of men profiting from exploiting feminism, as well as women needing men to succeed. The video follows Mark Harrison, the creator of the safe space, who indicates "The Safe Space is a space dedicated to working, studying, meeting up with friends or whatever else women couldn't do without me intervening."  



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He also touches on sexual harassment at the workplace disguised as protection when he creepily massages a woman whispering "you are safe now." The video also covers the taboo of breastfeeding, by putting women in a glass box so that they can be viewed instead of hiding in a closet because it’s something to be shameful, complete with a meninist screaming about how he would never make a woman feel uncomfortable. Harrison also drops a truth bomb when he drops a quarter in a jar for women, to make up for the 27 cents women make less than men. 

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The video is truly well done, hitting on just about every workspace worry women have to endure. Enjoy the injustices and watch with vexation. 




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