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After Tuesday’s primary in New York, dozens of New Yorkers expressed gratitude by leaving their “I Voted” stickers on Susan B. Anthony’s grave at the Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, New York. 

The tradition began in 2014, when Brienne Wojetsa organized a Facebook group encouraging voters to honor the pioneer of women’s rights, as well as acting as platform for voter registration information. Thank You Susan B. Anthony shows pictures of her grave decorated with “I Voted,” stickers from approximately thirty voters and two bouquets of flowers. 

Susan B. Anthony dedicated her life to fight for equal rights, wage equality, shared custody, the abolition of slavery, the right for women to own property and earned a place in history as a founding member of the Women’s Suffrage Movement. Anthony’s stance was viewed as controversial, she was mocked by the press even imprisoned for voting illegally.



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Though she passed away fourteen years before women were granted the right to vote, in Anthony’s eulogy given by her friend, Reverand Howard Shaw said, “The ages to come will revere her name.” 

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 Image via Facebook/Thank You Susan B. Anthony

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