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If you’re voting for Trump, be prepared to never have sex again. Well, at least be prepared to possibly get dumped. A new cheeky campaign encouraging women to break up with guys who support Donald Trump has become an overnight internet sensation.

It's called Vote Trump, Get Dumped. The rules are simple: as an act of rebellion against Trump, women are refusing to have sex with anyone who supports Trump. “Until Trump is defeated, we don’t date, sleep with, or canoodle with Trump supporters. The Greeks did it. Women during the temperance movement did it. This is a tried and true method of getting men’s attention when they’re being dumb,” said co-creator of Vote Trump, Get Dumped, Chandler Smith. 

The cunning project is a reminder to men that if you support Trump, you’re also supporting his misogynistic, racist, and sexist ideologies—and voting for a man who has referred to women as “fat pigs” and “bimbos.”

Women withholding sex as an act of protest, against a man who deliberately demeans and insults the female body, seems like a perfectly logical manipulation. What do you think?

#VoteTrumpGetDumped. #MakeAmericaDateAgain. 




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