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The brightest witch of her age and the most sought after man on stage engage in a rap about feminism and unequal wage. I could have written Hamilton. (Hire me, Lin-Manuel.) 

Continuing her work for the HeforShe campaign, Emma Watson is taking on interviews left and right to bring together male allies who advocate for equality. In what is possibly her most gratifying interview to date, Emma sits down with Lin-Manuel Miranda to discuss Hamilton and feminism.


In the interview, Lin-Manuel talks about the influence that the Harry Potter  books had on writing Hamilton, the feminist aspects of the play, the repetition of history, and how Hamilton deals with a lot of current issues, including sexism, gun violence, and immigration. The interview is divided into four parts and ends with Lin-Manuel freestyle rapping about feminism while Emma Watson adorably drops the beat.

Lin-Manuel 4

Part four...

Posted by Emma Watson on Thursday, March 17, 2016

In just over a year, Hamilton has broken ground for diversity in theatre and continues to grow as an incredibly inclusive inspiration both on and off stage. Earlier in the month, the women of Hamilton interpreted famous quotes by feminists for Women's History Month. 







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