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If you didn’t already love Joss Whedon for his colorful and dynamic female characters in The Avengers, Buffy, and Firefly, there’s a reason to now. The writer/director has pledged to donate $80,000 to Planned Parenthood. This donation is contingent on 500 lovely activists like yourself pledging a minimum of $5 by midnight tonight. So for at least $2,500 in donations, Planned Parenthood could receive 32 times that in funding.

This is not the first time Whedon has used his fortune to fund the non-profit. This past December, he matched each monthly donation with a $50 contribution. This lead to a conservative DVD burning ceremony reminiscent of Ray Bradbury’s dystopian book-burning world in Fahrenheit 451. The thing about burning your complete series of Buffy? She’s the god damn slayer, a phoenix who emerges from the ashes. We are standing on top of a Hellmouth, but consider Whedon a champion of justice.

This is happening today only, and it’s in every single human’s interest to provide Planned Parenthood with as much funding as possible. The non-profit isn’t limited to reproductive health. They tackle a variety of general health needs such as physical exams, anemia testing, cholesterol screening diabetes screening, flu vaccines, high blood pressure screening, tetanus vaccines, thyroid screening, and more. Strengthen an organization that advocates for women’s health and rights. If you don’t have $5, borrow it, get together with four friends and donate a dollar each, or share this post. Now is the time for solidarity. Donate now!

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