Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood has announced that they will be suing anti-abortion group The Center for Medical Progress for damages occurred after the CMP secretly recorded and released videos of private conversations that occurred in the Planned Parenthood offices regarding the sale of fetal material for medical research with the consent of the mother. The lawsuit cited defendants as the CMP as well as specific people involved in the release of the incredibly damaging and misleading videos including David Dalediden, director of the CMP and Troy Newman, the head of Operation rescue who allegedly assisted in planning the mass deception.

In a written statement, executive Vice President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America Dawn Laguens said, “The people behind this fraud lied and broke the law in order to spread malicious lies about Planned Parenthood. We filed the case to hold them accountable.”


Planned Parenthood

Daleiden respond to the suit in an email to Buzzfeed News, “game on," a cocky statement exemplifying his belief that women’s rights to their own bodies is a game and a very serious lawsuit is definitely something that should be taken lightly.

Following the videos’ release, there was a national outcry from people who don’t understand how these videos were intentionally edited to falsely portray the inner workings of Planned Parenthood. PP then faced congressional investegations in 10 states and threats of defunding.

But hands-down the most shocking and truly horrific backlash was the shooting in Colorado Springs in which a gunman murdered three and wounded nine in November and reportedly said “no more baby parts”—a clear reference to the deceitful videos. The lawsuit asks for payments for the now necessary increased security costs for health centers as well as for the violation of confidentiality agreements. And yet the CMP calls this lawsuit “frivolous.”

After an incredibly painful and tulmoltuous year for Planned Parenthood, the important institution is taking the offensive and we can hope gain some justice after the torrent of accusations and tragedy. For now and always, we stand with Planned Parenthood. 

Planned Parenthood


For more facts and to see how you can get involved visit the Stand with PP site.

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