In case you weren't already aware, Lady Parts Justice is "a cabal of comics and writers exposing creeps hellbent on destroying access to birth control and abortion." They describe themselves as "Inclusive. Intersectional. Fun as Fuck." Evidence of this amusing form of activism can be found in their video "A Lady Parts Justice History of Birth Control."


In the video, the narrator tells us a little story about the history of birth control in America. First, she takes us through the exciting breakthroughs in reproductive rights that occurred in the 1960s and 1970s, highlighting that all these decisions were made by men. She then turns the pages of the storybook to more recent news coverage of the political struggles women have experienced over access to birth control. Here, the narration is dripping with sarcasm. The use of humor in the video does an excellent job exposing just how backward and completely fucked the history of birth control really is.

Enjoy the LOLs and the groans.


Images via imgur and YouTube

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